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7 Strange Animals in Georgia (With Pictures)

hairy armadillo

Georgia is home to a variety of strange and unique animals. From the world’s largest proportion of alligators to venomous snakes and gigantic spiders, there are plenty of creatures that would make even the most seasoned adventurer think twice about setting foot in the state. But for those who are brave enough to explore, Georgia offers a chance to see some incredible wildlife up close. So whether you’re hiking through the woods or taking a leisurely stroll through the park, keep your eyes peeled for these strange animals that call Georgia home.

Alligators / American alligators

strange animals in Georgia

The American alligator is a large reptile that is native to the southeastern United States. It is most commonly found in the state of Florida, but it can also be found in Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana. The American alligator is a strange animal because it is the only species of an alligator that is found in the United States. Also, the American alligator is unique because it is one of the few reptiles that can live in both salt water and fresh water. This allows the American alligator to inhabit a wide range of habitats, including swamps, marshes, and even rivers and lakes.



Manatee is a strange animal in Georgia. It is the size of an elephant and can weigh up to three tons. The front and back flippers are used for steering, while the tail is used for propulsion. The head is small and rounded, with two eyes on the sides of the head. The body is covered with a thick layer of blubber, which helps to keep the manatee warm in cold water. Manatees are slow-moving creatures, and they can often be seen grazing on seagrasses or floating in the water.

Despite their large size, manatees are gentle creatures that pose no threat to humans. They are protected by law in both the United States and Canada, and they are listed as a threatened species in both countries. While they are not often seen in Georgia, manatees do occasionally swim into the state’s coastal waters. 

Black bear


Black bears are strange animals in Georgia. For one thing, they are the only species of bear found in the state. They are also the largest land mammal in Georgia, weighing anywhere from 200 to 600 pounds. And while they are mostly black, their fur can also be brown or blond. Black bears are shy and reclusive animals, and they are seldom seen by humans. However, they are attracted to human food sources, such as garbage cans and bird feeders. Thus, they sometimes cause property damage in search of a meal. 

Red-cockaded woodpecker

Red-cockaded woodpecker

The red-cockaded woodpecker is a small, black-and-white bird that is found in the eastern United States. One of the most unusual things about this bird is that it nests in live trees, rather than in nest boxes or nest cavities. The bird pecks holes in the bark of pine trees, which provides shelter for the eggs and young chicks. Another strange thing about the red-cockaded woodpecker is that it is one of the few birds that eat ants. The bird prods the ant hill with its beak to get at the insects inside.

This behaviour helps to aerate the soil and control the ant population. The red-cockaded woodpecker is also known for its habit of “bark stripping.” This is when the bird strips off small pieces of bark from a tree in order to get at the sap beneath. This behaviour helps to keep the tree healthy by preventing disease and insect infestation. 

Gopher tortoise

Gopher tortoise

The Gopher tortoise is a strange animal found in Georgia. This reptile is characterized by its small size and its ability to burrow. The Gopher tortoise is found in sandy or loamy soils and is able to create large burrows that provide shelter for other animals. The Gopher tortoise is a herbivore and feeds on a variety of plants. This turtle is listed as a threatened species due to habitat loss and predation.



The armadillo has some very unusual habits which make it one of the most interesting animals in Georgia. 

The armadillo is a nocturnal animal. It spends the day in its burrow and comes out at night to forage for food. It is an excellent digger and can excavate a burrow in a few hours. The armadillo will also use its powerful legs to climb trees in search of food or to escape from predators. 

The armadillo has a hard, bony shell which protects it from predators and from the hot sun. The shell is made up of armour-like plates which are joined together by tough, flexible skin. The plates are covered with hair which helps to camouflage the armadillo and keep it cool. 

The armadillo is not a speedy creature but it can travel long distances at a steady pace. When alarmed, it will often flee in a zigzag pattern which makes it more difficult for predators to catch it. If all else fails, the armadillo can curl up into a tight ball, protected by its armour-like shell. 

Glass lizard

Glass lizard

The glass lizard is a strange and interesting creature that can be found in the state of Georgia. These lizards get their name from their brittle tail, which can break off easily when they are threatened by predators. While this may seem like a disadvantage, the tail will grow back over time. Another interesting feature of the glass lizard is that it lacks eyelids.

Instead, it has a clear scale that covers its eyes. This allows the lizard to see well even during bright sunlight. Glass lizards are also good swimmers and can often be found near water sources such as ponds and lakes. Although they are not poisonous, they can deliver a painful bite if they feel threatened. 


In conclusion, there are many strange and unusual animals that call Georgia home. From the American alligator to the Gopher Tortoise, these creatures provide a fascinating glimpse into the state’s diverse ecosystem. While some of these animals may be dangerous, others are simply curious and harmless.



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