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Animals That Start With P: The Ultimate List of 20 Precious and Powerful Species


Did you know that the world is home to numerous animals that start with the letter P? From powerful predators to adorable pets, the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze us. If you’re curious about which animals are included in this category, we have good news for you! 

We’ve compiled a list of twenty amazing animals that start with P, each unique in their own way. Some of these animals may even be found in your own backyard, while others may require a journey to far-off lands. So, whether you’re looking to learn more about the puma, the pangolin, or the pygmy marmoset, our list is sure to satisfy your curiosity. Get ready for an adventure through the animal kingdom!

Overview of Animals that Start with P

1. Paddlefish

Animals that Start with P

Paddlefish are fascinating creatures that have remained relatively unchanged for millions of years. Even during the cretaceous period, these large freshwater fishes looked much like they do today. Growing up to an impressive seven feet long, paddlefish are imposing creatures that are an important source of food for humans and other animals alike. 

While many large fish species are known for their carnivorous diets, paddlefish are unique in that they feed solely on zooplankton. Interestingly, these amazing creatures are named for their distinctive paddle-like snouts used to track electrical waves from their prey.  

2. Pademelon

Australia is home to many unique species of animals, including the adorable pademelons. These marsupials are closely related to kangaroos and wallabies, but they have some distinct differences. One of the most notable characteristics is that they prefer to live a solitary lifestyle. 

You won’t find pademelons hopping around in groups like their relatives. Another interesting fact about these cute critters is that they are nocturnal. Because of their love for darkness, they usually only emerge at night when they’re ready to munch on some tasty berries, leaves, and grasses.  

3. Pangolin

The Pangolin is a truly unique animal – one that seems to have stepped straight out of a fantasy novel. These strange creatures look like anteaters with scales, and their unusually long tongues and elongated snouts give them an almost otherworldly appearance. 

But despite their alien-like appearance, pangolins are in real danger. They are the most trafficked animal in the world, and their populations are dwindling at an alarming rate. Thankfully, there are people trying to save the pangolin and protect them from harm.  

4. Porcupine


Porcupines are creatures that are easy to spot in the wild due to their spiky bodies that are covered in quills. These quills are famously known for their ability to ward off any would-be predators. 

Interestingly, despite their formidable appearance, porcupines do not actually shoot their quills like some may believe. Instead, their quills are easily detachable and can be dropped in the path of any threat. They also have hair on their front ends that only adds to their unique appearance. 

5. Parrot

Parrots are beloved pets, not only for their stunning plumage but also for their witty personalities. These colorful birds have the uncanny ability to imitate sounds they hear, from words to entire sentences. In fact, their intelligent brains have evolved similarly to those of primates, allowing them to exhibit an impressive level of intelligence. 

Owners of these feathered companions often marvel at their parrots’ exceptional learning abilities. It’s no wonder why these intelligent creatures are such a popular choice for those who seek a pet that’s not only beautiful but also a source of great amusement and enjoyment.

6. Patas Monkey

The grasslands of Central Africa are home to an impressive species of monkey. These large primates are omnivores, with a varied diet that includes lizards, birds’ eggs, and delicious fruits. Unfortunately for local farmers, these clever creatures are also notorious crop raiders. However, the most remarkable trait of this primate is their incredible speed. Patas monkeys are the fastest primates in the world, an impressive feat that is sure to leave anyone feeling amazed.  

7. Peacock

Peacocks are truly fascinating creatures. Their bright tail feathers, called trains, are a sight to behold. These feathers are used by peacocks during their elaborate courtship rituals, which involve intricate dances and showing off these feathers to attract a mate. But that’s not all – these feathers also have ocelli, or “eyespots,” which act as a natural defense mechanism against predators. The peacock’s train also serves to make them appear larger and more intimidating to potential threats. 

8. Peacock Spider

Peacock spiders are some of the most fascinating creatures in the world of arachnids. These tiny spiders, known for their bright colors and intricate mating dance, share many similarities with their larger feathered counterparts – the peacock. Although their vibrant hues might lead one to presume that they are venomous, it’s actually quite the opposite; they are completely harmless. But perhaps even more intriguing, though, is the fact that peacock spiders can see in ultraviolet light.  

9. Pelican

Pelicans are fascinating waterbirds with distinctive features that set them apart from other species. Perhaps their most recognizable feature is the large pouch located beneath their beaks. This unique adaptation allows them to scoop up fish from the water with ease. Despite their remarkable hunting abilities, pelicans have been the subject of a bizarre myth. It has been said that they intentionally stab themselves to feed their young with their own blood.  

10. Pufferfish


These poisonous creatures are masters of defense, puffing up and doubling in size when threatened. Despite their ability to intimidate even the bravest of predators, pufferfishes are generally solitary and aggressive towards others. But beneath their tough exterior lies a softer side. It turns out that pufferfishes may just be hopeless romantics. These little fish seem to have genuine feelings for their mates, making them one of the few species known to exhibit romantic behaviors.  

11. Pere David’s Deer

These unique creatures are members of the deer family and ever so slightly different from their relatives. Predominantly found in China, they tend to migrate close to water bodies and swampy areas. One of the most interesting features of these deers is their spread hooves that have webbing between them. This unusual characteristic helps them wade in water bodies, making them one of the few deer species that can swim.  

12. Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine Falcons are truly a remarkable species of birds. Not only are they accomplished birds of prey, but they also mate for life – a rare trait among their feathered counterparts. These magnificent creatures are known to exhibit incredible hunting skills by diving from above when pursuing other airborne birds. However, what truly sets these falcons apart from the rest is their lightning speed. As the fastest animal on earth, they have been recorded to reach an impressive 242 mph while diving for prey.  

13. Pheasant

With their vibrant, iridescent colors and long, flowing tail feathers, pheasants are perhaps one of the most visually stunning species of game birds. Beyond their looks, however, these birds are also incredibly quick on their feet and agile in the air, able to take off at a moment’s notice if danger is detected. Despite their grace and nimbleness, perhaps the most fascinating aspect of pheasants is their unique cleansing ritual. Unlike most birds, pheasants don’t rely on water for their hygiene needs.  

14. Pig

If you were to travel to any part of the world, there is a high chance that you will encounter a curly-tailed pig. These adorable animals have been domesticated by humans for centuries and were even one of the first animals to be domesticated. While there are hundreds of pig breeds, the curly tail is unique to the domesticated ones. But did you know that pigs don’t have a lot of sweat glands? When they start to feel overheated, they turn to mud as their natural way of regulating their body temperature.  

15. Pygmy Marmoset

The Amazon forests of South America are home to a unique and fascinating species of monkey known as the Pygmy Marmoset. These pint-sized primates, which are also commonly referred to as Finger monkeys, are famous for their incredibly small size and nimble fingers. Despite being no larger than a tennis ball, these tiny tree-dwellers are experts at climbing and jumping, using their sharp nails to cling to the bark of trees.  

16. Pine Marten

Pine Martens are masters of hiding in plain sight. Although they may look like weasels, they have a unique lifestyle that sets them apart. These nocturnal animals choose to spend their time partially in the trees, which makes them hard to spot. Even if you do get a glimpse, don’t expect it to last long. These elusive creatures are incredibly fast and agile. With their ability to leap from tree to tree and cover gaps of more than six feet, it’s no wonder they can avoid detection so easily.  

17. Pink Fairy Armadillo

This little creature may be small, but it is mighty! Measuring in at only 13cm long, it holds the title of the smallest armadillo in the world. And, let’s not forget about that vivid pink shell that gives it its name. But what’s truly remarkable about these armadillos is their impressive burrowing skills. They are experts at navigating underground and can burrow through dirt with ease.  

18. Piranha

At first glance, piranhas might seem like any other regular fish. However, as soon as one looks at their teeth, all doubts are cleared. These creatures have razor-sharp teeth that are scissor-like in appearance. These teeth are used to catch and eat anything from plants to carrion. Despite their small size, piranhas are one of the most formidable hunters in the water. Their aggressiveness and carnivorous feeding habits make them a force to be reckoned with in their natural habitat.  

19. Platypus

Australia is home to some of the most unique wildlife on the planet – and the platypus is no exception. This fascinating creature’s strange appearance could almost be mistaken for a mythical creature, with its duck-like bill and beaver-like tail. But don’t let its appearance fool you – the platypus is a skilled survivor in its challenging semi-aquatic environment. With short, waterproof fur, it is able to brave the water and thrive in its habitat.  

20. Polyphemus Moth

The Polyphemus Moth is a fascinating creature that many people may not be aware of. Their giant size alone is enough to pique anyone’s curiosity, but what really sets them apart is the striking eyespot on their wings. It almost seems as if the moth is staring back at you! But that’s not all – these moths also have a special talent. Their caterpillars produce silk that can be used to make clothes.  


What mammals start with the letter P?

Mammals starting with the letter “P” include Panda, Pangolin, Panther, Panthera (a genus with lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars), Pika, Platypus, Polar Bear, Porcupine, Prairie Dog, Proboscis Monkey, and Puma (Mountain Lion or Cougar).

What animal or bird starts with P?

Birds are fascinating creatures, and some captivating examples that begin with the letter “P” include the majestic Pelican, known for its large throat pouch used for catching fish. Pigeons, though often overlooked, have a rich history of companionship with humans and are found worldwide. The Puffin is a delightful seabird, recognized by its colorful beak and excellent diving skills. Peafowl comprises both Peacocks, renowned for their stunning tail feathers, and Peahens, their elegant female counterparts. Lastly, the charming Parakeet enchants with its vibrant plumage and melodic chirps. 

What domestic animal starts with P?

The domestic animal that starts with the letter “P” is a “Pig.” Pigs have been domesticated for thousands of years and are widely kept for various purposes. They are highly intelligent and versatile animals, raised for their meat (pork), leather, and other by-products. 

Final Words on Animals that Start with P

In conclusion, the animal kingdom is full of amazing creatures, and those that start with the letter P are certainly no exception. From the playful and intelligent dolphins to the mighty and majestic polar bears, this group of animals is diverse and fascinating. Other notable animals include the speedy peregrine falcon, the endangered pangolin, and the adorable pygmy possum. 

Whether found in the wild or in captivity, these creatures continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of people all around the world. Who knows what other incredible animals starting with P we have yet to discover? The possibilities are endless and exciting.


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Visiting the Zoo can be an exciting and educational experience for all involved. As a guide, I have the privilege of helping students and visitors alike to appreciate these animals in their natural habitat as well as introducing them to the various aspects of zoo life. I provide detailed information about the individual animals and their habitats, giving visitors an opportunity to understand each one more fully and appreciate them in a more intimate way.


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