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About Us

We are a team of Wildlife enthusiasts with a passion to study wildlife and nature. We live for the thrill of learning about, observing, and caring for wildlife creatures. From volunteering at a zoo or wildlife reserve to providing foster homes for homeless pets, animal enthusiasts dedicate time and energy to ensure wild animals have safe and thriving habitats. Our life simply isn’t complete without close encounters with less domesticated creatures. We derive a great sense of satisfaction from giving back to nature. We are not just about playing with puppies in the park – it’s an unrelenting commitment to educate ourselves, others, and take meaningful action that ultimately benefits the lives of all living things.

Our Team

Indira Naidu, Author


A motivated philosophy graduate and student of wildlife conservation with a deep interest in human-wildlife relationships, including wildlife communication, environmental education, and conservation anthropology. Offers strong interpersonal, research, writing, and creativity skills.

Email: [email protected]

Zahra Makda, Author

Growing up enjoying the beauty of my village, a good passion for nature developed in me from childhood. Following my passion for the natural world, I have chosen zoology for my graduation, during my undergraduate degree, I participated in many nature trails, bird watching, rescues, training for wildlife conservation, workshop, and seminars on biodiversity. I have a keen interest in invertebrate biology, herpetology, and ornithology. Primary interests include studies on taxonomy, ecology, habitat and behavior.

Email: [email protected]

Jeevan Kodiyan, Contributor

An animal enthusiast with an interest in zoology, studying the behavior and activities of animals in the wild habitat. I work on research projects related to species conservation and endangered species protection. I also leverage zoology to become an educator, educating others about the importance of protecting our natural environment and the beauty of animals in their natural habitats.

Email: [email protected]

Rahul M Suresh

Visiting the Zoo can be an exciting and educational experience for all involved. As a guide, I have the privilege of helping students and visitors alike to appreciate these animals in their natural habitat as well as introducing them to the various aspects of zoo life. I provide detailed information about the individual animals and their habitats, giving visitors an opportunity to understand each one more fully and appreciate them in a more intimate way.

Email: [email protected]