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Why do Foxes Laugh? Interesting Facts

why do foxes laugh

Foxes are a beloved animal around the world, and one unique habit of theirs often discussed is their tendency to laugh. 

Researchers believe that when foxes laugh, they are actually communicating fear or stress. This sound can also be used by foxes to locate each other in their environment and to signal play or interaction. The laughing sounds made by foxes vary greatly but these vocalizations show us the sophistication and complexity of their communication abilities. Laughing for foxes may serve as a way for foxes to build social relationships with one another while also expressing emotions like confidence, curiosity and joy.

why do foxes laugh

Can Wild Foxes Laugh?

Can wild foxes laugh? It is a difficult question to answer as there has been relatively little scientific research conducted into the behaviour of wild foxes. Yet anecdotal evidence suggests that wild foxes may indeed be capable of laughing in response to happy or goofy situations–although it is not the same sound we humans recognize as laughter. Instead, research has shown that they make a chirping, snorting, and even barking noises when playfully interacting with other foxes, similar to how canines will “laugh” at times. What’s more, domestic foxes like fennec foxes have been observed to make higher-pitched sounds, similar to giggling, so it stands to reason that their wild counterparts might too.

Are foxes People-friendly?

Foxes have a reputation for being wild animals, but interestingly enough, foxes can actually make wonderful companion animals when raised with proper care and attention. Whether it is their impressive intelligence or the way they show loyalty to those they trust, many people find that a fox makes a wonderful pet in the right circumstances. Despite minor aggression being possible, especially when it comes to food, foxes are generally calm and behave well with humans once they become familiar with them. 

foxes in snow

What noises do foxes make when they’re happy? 

Foxes have an amazing vocal range and the noises that the animals make when happy are wonderful. A popular noise that is known to signify contentment in foxes is a shrill bark of delight most often heard during playtime, such as barking and leaping. These playful barks can become quite hard to miss as they can be incredibly loud and might even alarm some people! Foxes are also known to make a very unique ‘prep’ sound which is similar to a purr but differs slightly. This sound indicates the fox is comfortable and relaxed in the presence of the listener, its nose gently twitching at times while they almost appear to smile!







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