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How Strong Are Baboons? [A Guide to Baboon Strength]

Are Baboons Dangerous
AL AIN. 8th July 2008. A hamadryas male baboon yawns at the Al Ain zoo as he finds a shady spot under a tree during the afternoon heat. Stephen Lock / The National. *** Local Caption *** SL-zoo-001.jpgna11 zoo1.jpg

The strength of baboons has always been a topic of discussion and with five different species, it can be difficult to compare their strength. Baboons are ground dwellers and although they can climb trees, most of the time they spend on the ground. 

They use their natural weapons like claws and canine teeth for protection in fights or dominance in the troop. Baboon strength is significant notwithstanding the fact that an average adult human is generally double the size and consequently much stronger. 

Thus baboons should not be underestimated despite their smaller size as they have been known to overpower rivals through sheer tenacity.

Are Baboons Dangerous

How Strong Are Baboons?

An adult male baboon is a sight to behold, with most ranging anywhere between 33 and 82 pounds (15-37kgs) in weight and growing up to 20-34 inches (50-86cm) tall, plus an extra 16 to 23 inches (40-50cm) on their tails. Although size has a large role in strength, it takes more than that for a baboon to reach the top of the hierarchy within its troop. 

These primates rely mainly on displays of strength, power, and agility to determine their place and importance within the group. And even though being bigger does have some advantages, smaller males can also be successful if they are smart and quick enough. To properly gauge how size factors into strength among these animals we need to observe other species as well. 

Nevertheless, in order to gain more insight into the correlation between their physical dimensions and their strength, it is necessary to draw some comparisons. Specifically, we need to determine what objects or creatures baboons can overpower and by what degree. Moreover, we should examine the advantages and disadvantages that they possess when it comes to confrontations or conflicts.



How Strong Are Baboons

Are baboons stronger than gorillas?

By physical attributes alone, it is clear that baboons are no match for gorillas. Adult male gorillas can weigh upwards of 400 lbs, while baboons such as the chacma baboon (the world’s largest species) typically weigh between 40 and 60 lbs. 

This explains why the two primates differ greatly in terms of strength when judged by their physical attributes. Although the gorilla might be stronger, this dynamic changes when a confrontation occurs due to the instincts of the baboon. Gorillas rarely act aggressively and will only respond to an attack out of self-defence. 

Furthermore, because baboons travel in large numbers – sometimes even up to hundreds – they have an advantage over gorillas who typically travel in bands of about 30. The baboon’s potential for using weapons such as rocks and sticks in battle adds further strength to their ability to take on a much larger opponent.

Are baboons stronger than chimpanzees?

Chimpanzees are physically superior to baboons in terms of being larger and heavier and having stronger arms and shoulders. This can be credited to the constant swinging through trees that are inherent in their habitat. 

As such, if an individual chimp were to face a troop of baboons their chances of victory would be slim – however, the battle would undoubtedly be fierce! Contrary to what one may think, chimpanzees in smaller troops than baboons can become much more vicious, going so far as preying on young baboon cubs for food. 

Their aggression is even greater; fights among chimps have been known to result in fatalities and, in one recorded event, even cannibalization.

Are baboons stronger than humans?

Despite their high levels of aggression, overall baboons are not stronger than humans. While they possess razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaws along with sharp nails on their hands and feet, baboons are much smaller in body mass compared to men. 

They also often travel as a group, however, this does not make them stronger as humans do not usually attempt to confront a troop of baboons. Violent incidents that occur between baboons and humans are quite rare and an unarmed human would be no match for the collective strength of an entire troop of baboons. Despite their physical body structure and aggressive tendencies, it is unlikely that a single baboon could overpower the strength of a determined human.

Baboon Strength

The baboon is a fascinating animal, and its strength can be understood when taking into account the dynamics of baboon troops. Hierarchy plays a vital role in understanding baboon behaviour, with more dominant males having greater access to mating and social opportunities within the troop. 

During the mating season, these more dominant males may mate with multiple females, resulting in greater representation of their offspring in the next generation of their troop. In contrast, female baboons rarely engage in altercations or demonstrate dominance measures among themselves, as they often share familial ties.


How strong is a baboon to a human?

When it comes to relative strength, baboons are no match for humans. Human beings possess a complex musculoskeletal system that allows them to overcome the powerful muscles of baboons.

Which is stronger chimp or baboon?


Can a baboon defeat a lion?

The folklore of the African Savanna might make us think that the answer to this question is an outright “no,” but things could get interesting if a baboon and a lion actually ever came to blows.

Are baboons good fighters?

Though it has not been extensively studied, most experts agree that Baboons are indeed capable fighters. They back up their sharp teeth and claws with their sharp wits and cunning strategies. Baboons can analyze a threatening situation quickly, devising ways to protect themselves and their kin.

Final Words

Despite their size, baboons are surprisingly intelligent and aggressive. In terms of strength, their numbers tend to form a formidable force even against humans – they have been reported to raid homes and restaurants and rob passersby with food. 

While these mischievous actions may upset farmers who lose their crops to the primates’ ravenous appetite for vegetables and fruits, baboons are also known to hunt for small game such as young sheep. 

With such a combination of wits and cunning mixed in with a great capacity for violence, baboons can be incredibly intimidating if provoked.


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A motivated philosophy graduate and student of wildlife conservation with a deep interest in human-wildlife relationships, including wildlife communication, environmental education, and conservation anthropology. Offers strong interpersonal, research, writing, and creativity skills.


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