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10 Different Animals That Can Kill a Tiger in Combat

African Elephant vs. Giraffe

When I’m with friends who share my enthusiasm for animals, our conversations are full of laughter and amazement. We always have a great time trying to figure out which species have the potential to defeat a tiger in battle. Of course, we understand that this is an inexact science since none of these animals actually live in the same habitats as tigers. 

However, with careful consideration and using our imaginations, we can guess which ones might emerge victorious. It’s incredible to think that something twice the size of a human could be bested by much smaller creatures. Conversations like these only make my affection for the animal kingdom even greater.

10 Animals That Can Kill a Tiger

Out of the nearly 9 million species of animals that exist on Earth, only a few have the ability to beat tigers in a one-on-one confrontation.



Elephants, though gentle and peaceful, can be lethal when provoked. They have the strength, stamina and size that can take a tiger out of even the most careful wearer of the stripes. An adult elephant can weigh from 8,000-15,000 lbs which is double, or sometimes triple, that of a tiger whose weight only rises up to 700 lbs. 

The trunk of an elephant has 40,000 muscles in it making them masters of dexterity and precision while they hunt down their prey. Tigers might not stand a chance against these strong herds in open battle but they use deception as part of their natural defences against them. 

Though elephants have numerous potentials to take down a tiger in a fight to the death never before has such an event been confirmed in records – due to tigers’ skilful technique at camouflaging themselves and waiting for the right time to strike!

Water Buffalos

Hunting down wild water buffalos is no easy feat, especially for a tiger. These massive creatures are part of the bovine family and their temperamental and aggressive nature makes them a vigorous opponents. 

Wild water buffs have been known to charge at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour while head-butting their attackers, making it even more difficult to strip them of their freedom. 

Even more troubling for predators like tigers is the fact that these animals often stick close together in herds, giving the prey multiple sets of eyes with which to spot intruders. For the tenacious tigers bold enough to take on water buffalo, they will face the fight of their lives.

Saltwater Crocodiles

Animals That Can Kill a Tiger

Saltwater crocodiles certainly live up to their reputation of being one of the stealthiest hunters in the water. 

Unlike tigers, who rely on stalking and chasing, crocodiles must rely on their speed and strength to take down their prey. With powerful jaws capable of applying over 3,700 PSI bite force, as well as a signature move known as the ” death roll,” it is no wonder why saltwater crocodiles are considered masters of surprise attacks in aquatic habitats. 

Even though the chances that a crocodile will defeat a full-grown tiger are slim, these animals remain an integral part of the beautiful food chain that materializes in nature.

Brown Bears

Despite their size, tigers use their quickness, agility, and fiercely powerful jaws to bring down large prey which they ambush with stealth. However, when it comes to a real fight between two animals of similar size and strength such as a tiger and an adult male or female brown bear, the situation becomes rather unpredictable. 

Both creatures are found in the forests of Asia and are driven by territorial instincts often leading them into conflicts. In such a scenario, the tactics that each creature relies on vary drastically – while tigers rely more on quickness, agility and powerful jaws to win fights against bears; bears on the other hand are built with brute strength while using intimidation tactics as well as superior physical capabilities. 

While it is possible for a tiger to take down an adult male brown bear through ambush tactics, outcomes can go either way; mainly because a wrong move or miscalculation may mean the end for either one of them in no time.


Weighing up to 3,300 lbs, gaurs appear like the Hulk of all bovines. With muscles stacked upon muscles and wide-set horns, they are blessed with an impressive physicality that usually keeps tigers at bay. Knowing their power and might, they flaunt them courageously and are not easily daunted in battle. 

During an encounter with a tiger, a raging gaur is much more likely to take home the victory given its strength and size advantage. The few recorded times tigers have killed gaurs bode testimony to the fact that these behemoths have no shortage of fighting spirit. Gaur attacks on tigers, however, far exceed that of the other way around. 

Polar Bears

polar beer vs hippo

Polar bears are formidable opponents, even in comparison with tigers. Found in the Arctic region, they take no prisoners when it comes to hunting prey. Even tigers, one of the strongest and most nimble predators around, face a tough challenge against the might of a full-grown adult polar bear. 

While their hunting techniques are surprisingly similar — both animals rely on stealth and surprise to make the kill — it is their size that gives the polar bear a clear edge. A polar bear can weigh over 1000 lbs., enabling it to overpower any tiger with sheer mass alone. 

What’s more, a polar bear has fantastic stamina, meaning it can outlast even an exhausted tiger in combat situations. All this adds up to one very convincing argument: polar bears have what it takes to eliminate a tiger if given the opportunity.


are rhinos dinosaurs

Rhinos are one of nature’s most imposing creatures, often disregarded because of the humorous illusion created by the props on their heads. While usually gentle, they can be exceptionally aggressive when provoked and their strength is unmatched. 

Even the mighty tiger must take extreme caution when challenging them for a meal; grown rhinoceros have been recorded to reach speeds up to 55 km/h and their armoured hides are almost impossible to penetrate with a single strike from even an experienced hunter such as a tiger. 

If a bold tiger were to persist in attacking, it would likely face a severe beating and potentially death by way of powerful stomping or gripping with the rhino’s four-toed feet. Therefore, it has to be said that rhinos truly are one of the most formidable opponents in the wild.


A lion is, no doubt, one of the most skilled animals capable of eliminating a tiger and making it an easy victory. Lions have been honing their craft for generations, thanks to their time in the savanna where they have lived as apex predators with no fear of recovering from an imbalance in their food chain. 

Lions understand that there is no need to retreat; this fact alone makes them prime adversaries when over-powering a tiger, who is typically solitary and can be caught off guard without any support. 

Physically, lions are stronger than tigers – they may not weigh as much but they make up for it with their height, thick mane providing protection around the neck area and impressive cooperative hunting habits.  



A battle between a hippo vs. a tiger is an incredibly one-sided fight, as the hippo is an animal of enormous size and strength compared to the smaller carnivore. An adult hippo can weigh up to 4,000 lbs and its skin is tough enough to be impervious to the tiger’s claws. They are also faster than the tigers on land and can reach speeds of 30 km/hr, while they can swim 8 km/hr in water. 

Furthermore, they can open their massive mouths up to 180 degrees, making it even more difficult for the tiger to get close. If a fight were to break out, it is unlikely that a single tiger would be able to take down such a powerful foe; they would probably need at least three sets of claws to have any chance of victory.


The kangaroo’s powerful legs are renowned for their ability to generate about 850 PSI worth of force, which shows just how formidable these mother-nature-made machines can be. 

But that formidable number doesn’t come close compared to the strength of a giraffe. Impressively enough, their legs are able to generate up to 2000 PSI! 

If the two ever met in the wild, with the tiger wanting a giraffe for brunch, the titan would have more than its hands full with its towering foe. With neck and leg lengths reaching six feet tall, imagine trying to approach your meal while it stands further away on top of its long limbs! 

Definitely no ordinary task. A tiger has come up against many creatures but with a giraffe — surprise is key in getting one’s pray!


What are 5 animals that can kill a tiger?

Elephants, water buffalo, brown bears, gaurs, polar bears, hippopotamuses, and lions are among the few animals with the ability to kill a tiger.

Which animal can kill a lion or a tiger?

Elephants, water buffalo, brown bears and hyenas.

Which animal is the tiger afraid of?

Tigers are known to be intimidated by large animals like elephants and bears. As a result, they often resort to climbing trees to escape from them.

Which dog can kill a tiger?


Final Words

Although tigers are one of the most feared predators on earth, there is actually a surprisingly short list of animals that can successfully hunt and kill them. This is because tigers are so skilled at picking their opponents carefully, and many of the potential contenders for this list do not live in the same habitats as tigers. 

In addition to carefully skilled hunting, tigers possess strength and agility that gives them a huge advantage over most other animals they come across. This combination makes them a formidable adversary that has evolved over centuries to be nearly unbeatable. 


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An animal enthusiast with an interest in zoology, studying the behavior and activities of animals in the wild habitat. I work on research projects related to species conservation and endangered species protection. I also leverage zoology to become an educator, educating others about the importance of protecting our natural environment and the beauty of animals in their natural habitats.


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