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How Strong Are Kangaroos? [ Strength Statistics & Human Comparisons]

Jacked Kangaroos

Kangaroos are often thought of as gentle, benign creatures. But looks can be deceiving. In reality, kangaroos are frequently involved in aggressive incidents – both with other animals and humans. In fact, kangaroos are responsible for numerous dog killings each year, and they have also been known to seriously injure people. So how strong are kangaroos? Surprisingly strong! A full-grown adult male can weigh up to 200 pounds and stand six feet tall, making them one of the largest marsupials in the world. 

Kangaroos have strong back legs and can kick about 759 pounds of force. They also have a strong tail and can punch with 275 pounds of force. As their jaws are very strong, they have a bite force of 975 PSI which is the same as the grizzly bears. This force is almost six times greater than that of humans.

how strong are kangaroos

Facts about kangaroo strength:

  • Force of Paw Swipe: 8,800 lb-ft/s
  • The size of an adult paw is about 6–7 inches.
  • Kangaroos can bite with 925 PSI, and 
  • Their teeth are 1.5 to 2 inches long.
  • The tail has a strength of about 200 pounds of force.

How Strong Are Kangaroos?

Kangaroos are herbivorous animals that live in dry forests, grasslands, and deserts in Australia and usually spend the whole day grazing and eating tree leaves. They do not attack other animals; however, they require a lot of power to move their bodies.

Kangaroos move very differently; you will mostly observe them hopping. They can propel themselves up to 6 feet in height noted with the help of their strong tail and back legs. They can jump up to 25 feet and can run at the speed of 44 miles per hour.

Not only are their tails and back legs strong, but they also have powerful and muscular front legs. They usually use them for feeding and grooming and also use them while defending. They punch other animals using them. But do you realize how powerful their arms are?

The reason for their power is their size. They can produce an impact momentum of up to 8800 lb.-ft/s. Combining their weight and speed. This force is eight times the force produced by humans.

They have a punch force of 275 pounds, the same as humans. Kangaroo punch may not kill you, but its kick (The marsupial’s primary battle technique) may cause serious damage.

The actual strength of kangaroos depends on their size and weight. Like all other mammals, males are bigger than females (approximately double the size and strength).  Not only is there a gender difference, but there is also a power disparity between their other subspecies.

Kangaroo in open

Kangaroo Size And Strength Differences By Species 

There are 4 kangaroo types and 2 types of wallaroos, which are smaller and weaker than kangaroos but belong to the same genus (Macropus).

The below table shows the differences between all six species of kangaroos.

Common wallaroo3.3 – 4.6 ft.2.5 – 3.3 ft.50 – 100 lbs.40 – 50 lbs.3,300 lb.-ft./s1,980 lb.-ft./s
Antilopine kangaroo3.3 – 4.9 ft.2.6 – 3 ft.60 – 154 lbs.33 – 66 lbs.4,708 lb.-ft./s2,178 lb.-ft./s
Western gray kangaroo2.9 – 3.7 ft.2.7 – 3.3 ft.62 – 120 lbs.30 – 60 lbs.4,004 lb.-ft./s1,980 lb.-ft./s
Eastern gray kangaroo3.4 – 4.3 ft.2.7 – 3.3 ft.110 – 146 lbs.37 – 88 lbs.5,632 lb.-ft./s2,750 lb.-ft./s
Red kangaroo4.3 – 5.2 ft.2.7 – 3.4 ft.121 – 201 lbs.40 – 88 lbs.7,084 lb.-ft./s2,816 lb.-ft./s

Note: The average strike force listed above is based on the average weight of an adult male or adult female kangaroo and the top speed of 44 miles per hour.

Bite Force (PSI)

The jaws of kangaroos are powerful and can produce a bite force of 925 PSI. This force is slightly less than the grizzly bear, about 975 PSI, and six times stronger than humans, which is 162 PSI. The nose and ears of kangaroos resemble that of hares. 

But the bite of kangaroos is not dangerous for humans as they are herbivores, and the front teeth and skull are not powerful enough to tear the skin. However, this is different in the grizzly bear, with solid teeth that can pull the flesh.

Kangaroos don’t actually have any canine teeth, or if they do, they are very tiny. They have large incisors alternatively, which can reach a length of two inches.

Kangaroos use their front teeth to pull the grass blades, leaves, twigs of trees, and bushes. They chew with the help of molars and premolars, which are far from the incisors. This gap makes it difficult for kangaroos to grab their opponent and tear their skin.

How Strong Is a Kangaroo Kick?

Kangaroo’s kick act as a weapon in the fight. They have a strong and muscular back leg that helps them to move. They are peaceful animals and do not indulge in fights.

But, if they find danger with another kangaroo, they kick them with their back legs. They will do it similarly to the taekwondo master.

Now, do you want to know how much force does a kangaroo kick have? A red kangaroo can hit with about 759 pounds of force and over 40 miles per hour. Even though trained martial artists might be able to match their speed and strength, most people can’t beat a kangaroo in a fight.

You must be aware that the force of 759 pounds is enough for a kangaroo to fight. This force can break your bones and can even kill you.

kangaroos in wild

How Fast Can Kangaroos Run?

Kangaroos can’t run or walk as their body is made for hopping. However, they can reach a speed of 44 miles per hour faster than polar bears and grizzly bears. Their pace is much slower than other wild animals like tigers and lions.

Kangaroos are able to generate a lot of force with their kicks due to the structure of their back legs, which have evolved to support their particular mode of movement.

Also, Kangaroo’s back legs have solid muscles and tendons that act like spring. When these tendons contract and strain, they produce power that helps them to hop.  This is not the only reason why kangaroos can leap up to 25 feet in one go and reach heights of six feet.

The tail is also essential as it keeps him balanced and helps in moving forward in every jump. 

The Kangaroo’s tail also plays a significant role in hopping. It balances and propels the kangaroo at each hop. 

Not only does the tail help them in jumping, but they also act like a weapon and use it on the opponent while fighting. It helps them move forward, maintain balance, and kick other animals. The tail is so strong that it can hold all its body weight.

Swipe Force

Their forelimbs are not as powerful as compared to their back legs. They use them as their hand to plug leaves and pull branches from the trees. Still, the body’s speed and size help them gain the power they need to swipe.

Do you know that a strong male kangaroo’s strike force can reach up to 8800 lb.-ft./s? Yes, this strike force is equal to that of an average mountain lion and eight times greater than the average human. The actual swipe force depends on the animal weight and speed at the time of the hit.

How Strong Are Kangaroos’ Tails?

Kangaroos have strong legs, bites, and strong tails that safeguard them from other carnivore animals. They can balance their whole body weight on their tail which can weigh up to 200 pounds. Many people believe their tails are more muscular. 

As the tails help them to move, its tail has more mass than their back legs. Studies have also shown that during quadrupedal movement, kangaroos use their tails to generate positive mechanical work. They use their tail to lift their bodies and gain speed.

Kangaroos occasionally use their tail while fighting. Mostly, they use their tail to keep balance, support their body weight, and use their back legs to hit simultaneously.

How Are Kangaroos So Strong?

Kangaroos are herbivorous animals. So they don’t need any power to kill any other animals. They are powerful because of their habitat and how their body is built. 

They stay in very tough parts of Australia. With the help of their muscular, solid back legs and tails, they can quickly cover long distances, which is very important during water and food scarcity.

The kangaroo’s strength can have a huge impact on reproduction. They always stay together in a group called mobs. The stronger kangaroos will get the first position in the mob hierarchy, the higher the chance of mating with female kangaroos.

How Strong Are Kangaroos Compared To Humans?

Compared with humans, kangaroos are six to eight times more powerful. The bite force can reach up to 900 PSI, while the bite force of a human is about 162 PSI. The bite force of kangaroos is equal to the top predators. 

The punch force of kangaroos can reach up to 275 pounds, whereas the punch force of heavier and more vigorous men can reach up to 45 pounds. This force is six times weaker than the kangaroo force, and we mostly do not find such strong human beings. Also, the swipe and kick force is greater than that of average untrained humans.

When kangaroos encounter trained humans, we can find a different situation, as taught martial arts masters can hit kangaroos with a more decisive kick and punch force. Still, kangaroo bite force will be more powerful than humans.

Kangaroo vs. Gorilla Strength Comparison

Kangaroos are surprisingly strong, yet they are not the world’s greatest herbivores.  In terms of both physical power and biting force, gorillas dominate kangaroos.

The table below compares the strength of a gorilla vs. a  kangaroo: 

Weight 500 lbs.200 lbs.
Speed 20 mph 44 mph 
Bite force1,300 PSI925 PSI
Lift force1,800 lbs.750 lbs.
Strike force12,500 lb.-ft./s8,800 lb.-ft./s

Gorillas are considerably larger and more powerful than kangaroos, as shown in the above table. They have powerful fangs that may pierce the kangaroo’s tough skin and rip its flesh to shreds when they bite.

Gorillas can also lift much more weight than people. They can not only lift more weight, but they can also throw it over their heads.

Kangaroos can also lift more than their body weight, but not with their forelimbs. They could lift that weight with their back legs and throw it, but not as far or as well as a gorilla could.

Gorillas would be able to throw a much stronger punch if they had bigger bodies and bigger hands.

Kangaroos and gorillas live in different places, but if they have an encounter with each other, kangaroos can only depend on their speed to save themselves. Kangaroos are twice as fast as gorillas, so they could save their lives if they hopped as far away from the primate.

kangaroo resting


Are kangaroos really that strong?

Yes, Kangaroos are very strong animals.

Can a human defeat a kangaroo?

In combat, a kangaroo would prevail over a person.

How strong are kangaroos’ arms?

When compared to a person, the average male kangaroo can punch with a force of only 275 pounds. 

Are kangaroos stronger than gorillas?

No, Gorillas are stronger than kangaroos.

Who kicks harder kangaroos or horses?


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