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Do People Eat Rhinos? Rhino Flesh Myths

do people eat rhino

Rhinocerous is one of the animals which is on the top of the list when it comes to poaching. There may be enough reasons for their killing. But do you know whether humans kill them for their food? Do people eat rhinos? Stay tuned to this article to know all the facts about why this animal gets killed so often.

do people eat rhinos

Do People Eat Rhinos?

When it comes to festive occasions, there is nothing quite like a hearty feast of rhinoceros meat. For many villagers in Africa, the consumption of this exotic meat is a time-honored tradition that is enjoyed by all. While the flesh of the rhinoceros is not the most commonly consumed meat, it is nevertheless a delicacy that is highly prized by those who are lucky enough to enjoy it. On these special occasions, the whole village comes together to prepare and cook the rhino meat, which is then shared among all who attend. 

While most people think of hunting as a recreational activity, in some parts of the world it is a necessary means of population control. But do people eat rhinos? Yes, this is especially true in areas where endangered or threatened species are present. In certain cases, wildlife authorities will allow hunters to bid on the opportunity to kill an animal that is posing a threat to its species. 

While this may seem cruel, it is actually done in the interest of preserving the species as a whole. After the animal is killed, its flesh is taken to nearby villages where it is cooked and enjoyed by the locals. This may seem like a strange way to celebrate, but for many villagers, this is a rare and welcome treat. In this way, hunting can actually be beneficial to both the local community and the environment as a whole.

China and Vietnam are not the only countries with a demand for rhino meat. In fact, there is a global market for this exotic meat. Individuals with money are willing to pay a high price for a piece of this flesh. The inspiration for paying such high prices is due to the fact that Rhino meat has a lot of medical curing capabilities for certain diseases.

Many times people look for rhino flesh and horn when traditional medicine has failed to cure their loved one’s illnesses. They go against modern medicine and science to save their loved ones and get their health back. This is one of the causes why wildlife is put to swords.

Rhinoceros Flesh Myths

The Tharu group is an ethnic group that resides in Nepal. They have many unique customs, one of which is the preparation of rhino meat. The Tharu believe that eating rhino meat can confer many benefits, such as good health, courage, and strength. 

There is also a belief that keeping a rhino horn under the pillow of a pregnant woman will help her to deliver the baby with less effort. 

In addition to eating the meat, the Tharu also uses the animal’s urine as a remedy for various ailments, such as ear infections and asthma. Certain individuals from other countries, such as India, Thailand, and Burma also consume parts of the rhinoceros for similar reasons. The sex organ of the animal is also commonly used in Nepalese medicine as a treatment for impotence. 

Is Rhino Meat Toxic to Humans?

The Rhino is a massive and intimidating creature, but did you know that its flesh can be toxic? That’s because the Rhino is an herbivore, and it consumes a lot of plants in the wild – some of which are poisonous to humans. If the flesh is not cleaned properly, or if hygiene is not up to par, consuming it can lead to food poisoning, diarrhea, and even new diseases. So before eating Rhino meat, be sure that it has been properly cleaned and cooked – otherwise you could be in for a world of hurt.

rhino poaching

Rhino Poaching Statistical Numbers

The current rhino poaching crisis began in the year 2008, and in 2015 it reached its apex with the massacre of 1,349 herbivores. Though the number of killings has decreased in recent years due to increased enforcement of laws and awareness campaigns, at least one rhinoceros is still being killed every day. 

The situation is especially dire in South Africa, where 451 animals were killed in 2021 – a six-year high. The increasing demand for rhino horns and flesh is the primary driver of this illegal trade, and unless action is taken soon, these magnificent creatures will continue to be slaughtered at an alarming rate.

Is Eating Or Selling Rhino Meat Illegal?

Is Rhino Meat Illegal? That is a question that many people are asking as the government of Africa is considering legalizing the trade. The reason for this is that both the smugglers and the government would be benefitted. The smugglers would be lessened, and the government would also be benefitted. 


In conclusion, there are several reasons behind rhino poaching, including but not limited to eating them and trading their horns. Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that the rhinoceros is facing the violence of humans. This needs to stop immediately in order to preserve this magnificent creature.

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