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Do Hippos Eat Zebras? Does Hippo Eat Animals?

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Although Zebra occupy a different ecosystem, they often meet up with the hippo whenever the zebra visits the lake. As we know, hippos are very aggressive; there is always a question in one’s mind do hippos eat zebras? Today in this article, we will tell you about this fact.

Often people think that hippos may eat animals such as zebras due to their aggressive nature. But the reality is Hippos don’t eat Zebras. Whenever a zebra is near a hippo in water, they tend to attack and kill them but do not eat them. Whenever there is drought or some natural destruction, this puts the hippos in scarcity of grass. This is the only time during which hippos search for meat and satisfy their stomach. Unfortunately, if they find zebras at this time, they will eat them to curb their hunger. 

Below are some interesting facts about hippos which are based on recent research made by animal enthusiasts.

do hippos eat zebras

Do Hippos Eat Zebras? Lets Clarify

Hippos are actually herbivores, but whenever there is food scarcity, Hippos Eat Zebras. Hippos search for dead zebra flesh and eat it. They don’t try to attack zebras and kill them for food. 

The hippo is one of the biggest animals in the world, and they consume a lot of grass and fruit to live. During drought, when there is less food, they can eat dead bodies of zebras but not attack them. Whenever a hippo finds a zebra crossing the water where they live, then they attack them and eat them.

male hippo with zebra

What Animals are Often Eaten By a Hippo?

As Hippos sometimes eat animals for their food, they are considered omnivorous. Below is the list of all the animals that hippopotamus may eat in rare cases.

Zebras: As previously mentioned, Hippos only eat zebras during a natural disaster. Normally, hippos will not fight with zebras. This can be understood when both of them are peacefully eating the grass together and enjoying the sunlight.

Wildebeests: It is very easy for a Hippo to eat Wildebeests. But yet, it is very rare to see a hippo attacking the wildebeests. 

Kudus: Kudus is another easy-to-eat food for a Hippopotamus. Apart from a hippo, Kudus are also often eaten by river horses. 

Other hippos: A hippo exhibits very ferocious behavior sometimes by eating another hippo. Hippos do this in order to win over the territories and become the leader.

hippo underwater

Hippo Regular & Routine Food

Hippopotamuses are plant-eating animals known as herbivores. They usually eat plants and grass. Roughly an adult hippo can eat up to 35Kg of grass per day. 

They generally eat the grass when not in water and roam on the land under good sunlight. But most often, they eat grass peacefully with other animals.


What animals do hippos eat?

Wildebeests, zebras, and kudus are among the hippo’s common kills.

Why do hippos eat meat?

Large hippos lead many to believe they consume meat. Hippos are herbivores, eating solely vegetation.

Do hippos eat alligators?

Hippos don’t eat crocodiles that they kill, therefore that’s not a common misconception.

What predator kills hippos?

Hippopotamuses have a number of predators, including lions, spotted hyenas, and Nile crocodiles.


In conclusion, Hippos are herbivores eating grass and plant-based foods. Their primary food is grass and plants. However, recent studies have stated that they can also eat zebra flesh and other animals during food scarcity.

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